Scent Guide

When it comes to buying, gifting, or making candles the most important factor is typically choosing the best candle scents. How often have you raised a candle to your nose to smell the scent?

Truth be told, scents play an important role in our lives. And we are often drawn to a particular type of scent.  Scented candles can pull from our memories and build on our emotions adding to the mood in our space just as much or as more as music and colour.

No matter which scent you try first, we are sure you will love our celestial range as much as we do.


“Cold Throw” refers to how a candle smells before it has been lit. This is that first impression you get when you take the lid off of one of our candles and the fragrance comes floating out. “Hot Throw” refers to how a candle smells while it is lit. This is what fills a room with your favorite fragrance.


A “note” is a snazzy word used to describe the different fragrances that make up a scent. Each one of our fragrances is carefully crafted out of top, middle, and base notes.


Top notes are the oh-so-important first impression that a candle makes. These notes are the first ones to reach out and say, “Hello!” They are usually light and fresh, but just like any enthusiastic yet slightly flighty person, these notes are the first to go. Their molecules are smaller quicker than middle and base notes, but never fear! These notes do not fade from the overall fragrance of the candle.


Middle notes are sometimes called the ‘heart notes’ and they, much like our hearts, are complex and full-bodied. These notes often act as the cheerleaders for top or bottom notes, giving them a boost and providing balance. Common middle notes are light fruits and spicy or herbal scents.


Base notes are the hefty baritones of the fragrance world. They help to anchor a fragrance, and they hang around longer thanks to their large molecules. They give a fragrance that final touch, that last, lingering impression in the fragrant experience. Base notes often consist of woodsy scents, vanilla, or amber.