Collection: Candle Jars

We’re passionate about creating natural products and proud to offer a wide selection of beautifully scented candles and wax melts made from organic beeswax straight from our apiarist’s hives located all over Western Australia.

We blend our beeswax with a little organic coconut oil to create our perfected formula. Both are renewable resources so you can make the eco-friendly choice by choosing an Ember Lasting candle. Coconut oil is the perfect addition to beeswax candles. It helps to avoid tunnelling as well as helping the candle burn more consistently.

Every single one of our candles is hand poured in small batches.  Because our candles are handcrafted, they won’t all necessarily be completely uniform. This is because beeswax actually shrinks as it cools, so we can’t guarantee that every single candle will look and weigh exactly the same. In our eyes, that’s the beauty of handmade products.

Candle Jars