Benefits of Beeswax

Bees are nature’s pollinators and support the growth of crops, flowers and vegetation but their numbers are declining globally. By buying a beeswax product, you can help to support their growth, as well as the local beekeepers who care for them.

What is beeswax?

  • While honey may be the most popular product created by bees, it’s far from the only one! Bees also make beeswax to form the structure of their hives. They secrete wax from special glands, then chew it up and use it to form those perfect hexagon-shapes we see on honeycomb.
  • The wax is hard and breakable when cold but soft and pliable when heated or exposed to human body temperature. Because Beeswax does not spoil, become rancid, or otherwise expire, it can continue to be reheated and reused.
  • Just like honey, Beeswax varies in colour, depending on various factors related to the bees themselves as well as the flowers from which the honey is derived.
  • When Australian beekeepers harvest honey, they remove the waxy cap off each honeycomb cell. These caps are the fresh new virgin wax made by the honeybees, to seal the cells after filling them with fresh nectar. The pollen oils that are mixed into honeycomb wax turns it from white into a warm yellow or brown colour. These caps can be melted down and filtered to remove non-wax particles, to yield the natural beeswax we use.
  • Used in aromatherapy, Beeswax is known for its long, slow, clean, smoke-less burn. It not only exudes the aroma of honey but it also produces comparatively brighter flames, facilitates the elimination of airborne pollutants, and promotes the overall health of body and mind.
  • Used cosmetically, Beeswax hydrates, conditions, soothes, and calms the skin. It exfoliates, repairs damage, promotes the skin’s regeneration, diminishes the appearance of the signs of aging, soothes itchiness and irritation, and creates a hydrating, long-lasting protective barrier against environmental pollutants. Used in hair, Beeswax nourishes, conditions, and softens the strands while and promoting the hair’s luster.
  • Used medicinally, Beeswax helps soothe and facilitate the healing of abrasions. It prevents harmful bacteria from entering the body through chapped and broken skin and it provides the skin with a layer of protection against external irritants. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties benefit those who suffer from topical allergies or skin ailments, such as eczema and rosacea.

Beeswax uses:


Burning beeswax candles emits negative ions just like lightening. This helps to improve air quality and invigorate the body. Gently scented by the honey and floral nectar in the honeycomb, beeswax candles are hypo-allergenic and safe. Emitting a naturally bright flame of the same light spectrum as the sun, you will be able to enjoy a longer burn and ambient glow. 

How do you know if your candle is really pure beeswax!? Overtime, real beeswax creates a little white "beeswax bloom" or sheen. It's totally natural, and a way to tell if the candle is real pure beeswax. The white bloom is caused by the oils in the candle coming to the surface. That white film doesn't harm the candle and in some cases it can give it a cool look. It can be easily removed by adding some gentle heat to the candle surface by popping into the oven on a low temp for a quick warm up or carefully using a heat gun or hair dryer.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is a popular skincare product that protects your lips from harsh weather.

Because of its capacity to keep moisture locked in all day, beeswax is commonly utilised in cosmetic products like lip balms. This makes it great for keeping your lips hydrated and feeling comfortable.

Foodsafe wood and leather treatment

Natural beeswax is a chemical-free lubricant for wood or leather. Creating a beeswax wood polish is one of the most popular ways to use beeswax. You can smooth out and heal cracks and polish wood. Beeswax chopping oil is food safe and recommended for the maintenance of your Ember Lasting chopping boards, coasters and picnic tables.

Synthetic polishes can cause dizziness, vomiting, and many other symptoms in some people when it meets the skin or is ingested. By using a natural product like beeswax, you can avoid these harsh chemicals.

Beard Care

Beeswax is an important ingredient of many beard waxes and balms. It helps to keep the beard moisturised and in place. Beeswax has the ability to function as a lubricant, resisting dirt and dust.

Beeswax has health benefits for both the skin and hair and has been used to nourish and style hair for a long time. It can be used to tame and slick down dry, frizzy, curly, and flyaway hairs. For skin, it also softens and conditions as it locks in moisture.

Beeswax Food Wraps

Are you looking to be more environmentally friendly and reduce your plastic waste? Beeswax wraps are a great replacement for plastic wraps. If you wish to keep your food fresh, why not go for a more sustainable option like beeswax food wraps. Wrap everything except raw meat. Wash with warm water and detergent.

Soap Bars

Our soap is organic and hand poured. Beeswax helps heal wounds and is rich in Vitamin A.

Surfboard Wax

Grip is all that matters when you're taking off on fast, steep waves. If your feet get slippery, you'll experience hilarious wipeouts.

Almost all Surf Wax on the market contains harmful and toxic ingredients, including petrochemicals, perfumes, plastics, bleach and carcinogens.

Ember Lasting eco friendly surf wax bars are made by hand from 100% biodegradable and non-toxic materials, including West Australian natural Beeswax and Coconut Oil.

Dog Paw Balm

Besides their pads/paw pads getting dry and chapped, your dog’s nose may also get rough and cracked. Put some on your pup's toe beans or snoot as often as needed to assist with inflammation, soothe and moisturise. It’s also safe to use on your pup’s skin if there are any irritated patches. And since it’s all-natural, there’s nothing to worry about if your dog licks it off.


Current Beeswax batch origin:

Mumballup State Forests near the town of Collie, Western Australia. View the full range here!





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